Work Samples

Anchor Reel 

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Breaking News

A small sample of tracking breaking news and all of it’s developing elements throughout a newscast.

Reporting and Editing

*Written and Edited by Danielle*

Kaity’s Way“- A mother works to protect other teenagers from dating violence after her daughter was shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend.

“Happy Hair Bands”- How one Valley woman is helping young women boost their confidence during chemotherapy treatments.

Special Feature Reporting and Editing

*Written and Edited by Danielle*

“The Fire Line”- Danielle sits down with New York Times journalist and author Fernanda Santos to talk about her book, “The Fire Line,” which profiles the 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots killed in the 2013 Yarnell Hill Fire.

“EXOS”- Go inside one of the Valley’s most elite training facilities to see how NFL players get ready for the upcoming season.

“Exploring Harley-Davidson”- Having some fun at the biggest Harley-Davidson dealership in the world, featuring a movie theater, tattoo shop and wedding chapel!

Special Projects

“Taking flight with the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds!”

“Remembering Southern Arizona’s Lost Heroes”- A sample from Danielle’s 4-part series profiling Southern Arizona service members who went Missing in Action while fighting in Vietnam.

“Defying the Odds”- Gabrielle Giffords’ Miraculous Recovery
2013 Mark Twain Award Winner for “Best Serious Feature.”